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Preserving Green Space in Mumbai

September 23, 2010

“Keep it clean and Green”, a hoarding seen on petrol pumps and traffic signals, speaks volumes on preserving the greenery around. Most often though, we wouldn’t even spare a thought!

Talking about the greenery further, the Island City has only 1.3% green cover, while the suburbs are far better with 25% greenery. The island city has only a few parks, and forest areas aren’t aplenty either.

This when compared with other world class cities doesn’t really rank high; Singapore has 12% of green space, London has approximately 14% of green cover, Tokyo city has 10% of green region and New York leads with 18% of green space. New Yorkers and environment interest group keep on upgrading parks in the city and creating greenery even at railroad corridors

Green space and parks are extremely important for the city’s well being, more so the in urban areas, where the population is very high and where the region has ever increasing levels of air, water and noise pollution.

Green space has ecological and social benefits. Green belts provide habitats for birds, fish and other creatures. It also plays a major role in reducing noise and air pollution, reducing the depletion of ozone layers, and absorption of rainwater, thereby improving the drainage system.  Social benefits are their functional roles, wherein parks and lawns are utilized for social/community parties, children’s play zones, for physical fitness and for meditation purposes.

RNA Mirage, Worli

Various Acts from the State and the Central Government have been brought for environment protection, and to safeguard the forest areas. The forest conservation act, 1980, is aimed at conservation of the forest area, while the Indian forest Act, 1927, consolidates the law related to saving of forest land. At an individual level, every person or community is capable of preserving and creating green space/zone or parks for the society. This can be achieved by enhancing landscapes, maintaining the existing parks, setting up new community gardens etc. NGOs, Government agencies and corporate groups must provide education and guidance to Mumbaikars on horticulture for creating and safeguarding gardens in their locality.

At RNA Corp we believe in integrating green spaces in our developments, which is demonstrated in our Subhash Nagar development plan including RNA Continental at Chembur with about 4 acres of green spaces, landscaped garden and children play area.

RNA Royal Park, Kandivali

We can achieve an environmental balance through renovating, restoring and creating the green space in Mumbai. It requires a collective effort from all Mumbaikars to preserve greenery and attain a better quality of life.

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