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Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Participant Profiling – Gupta Sumeet Sureshchandra

January 12, 2011

Gupta Sumeet Sureshchandra_Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon_RNA Corp

Gupta Sumeet Sureshchandra, Participant Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Name: Gupta Sumeet Sureshchandra

Age: 30

Designation: Sr. Manager


A tête-à-tête with Gupta Sumeet Sureshchandra , who speaks about the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, his preparations and how he lives responsibly



Q. What motivated you to participate in the SCMM?

A. SCMM displays the spirit of Mumbai to be ONE, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Q How did your family react on learning that you were participating in the SCMM?

A. They were glad and motivated me for the same.

Q. What steps are you taking to prepare for the SCMM?

A. Daily morning 40mins walk.

Q. Are you following a diet for the SCMM? If so, is it taking away from you enjoying your favorite foods?

A. I am following a diet of having 5 small meals a day. It’s a sacrifice which I am making as a part of preparation for the Marathon.

Q. How has participating in the SCMM ensured that you live responsibly?

A. By being united with the city and running for a cause of having a healthier world.

Q. RNA Corp. has adopted a locality in Sewri & will be taking up the responsibility for keeping it clean for an entire year. What do you think of this initiative?

A. CSR is a great thing which each corporate should ensure. I am very proud of the fact that this initiative has been taken up by RNA Corp.

Q. Cleanliness is of paramount importance, do you promote cleanliness & keep your environment clean, be it your home, office or even society? How do you do so?

A. As the saying goes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Keeping the environment clean leads to a heathy surrounding. I ensure not to throw waste material on road / in public places. Use of the trow away bins is appropriate done.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon_RNA Corp

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