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My parents have had a great impact on me: Mr. R.P Shroff, Head, Legal Dept, RNA Corp.

March 7, 2011

The My Take section at RNA Corp Blog provides a glimpse into the personal life of key personnel at the company. This section is a new feature added to this blog to bring you, the reader, closer to the people behind the scenes who form the core senior management at RNA Corp.

My Take continues with Mr. R.P Shroff, Head, Legal Dept, RNA Corp. He has been working professionally in the legal domain for the past 35 years. His degree in Commerce was followed up by LLM, AICWA, ACS and MAM (Master in Administration Management) specializing in Finance & Marketing.

Mr. R.P Shroff speaks about his hobbies, interests and how he enjoys his Sundays…

Mr. R.P Shroff, Head, Legal Dept, RNA Corp

Q: What are your key personality traits that have helped you succeed in your professional life?
A: My education has helped me grow and reach where I am. Education and understanding of the subject accompanied with hard work, sincerity and honesty has upgraded my professional life.

Q: One turning point that has changed the course of your life?
My life has been smooth and no major changes that have moved my life.

Q: Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you?
Personally, my parents have had a great impact on me because they have incurred good habits and instilled belief within me since my childhood.
And professionally, Mr.Vivek Nair-vice Chairman, Hotel Leela Venture and Mr. Anil Aggarwal have helped in my day to day working.

Q: Typical Sunday!
I like watching movies and having dinner in a restaurant with my family. Normally, my Sundays are filled with either social get-togethers or relaxing at home.

Q: Your interests!
A:Spending quality time with Family, playing cricket and watching films. Largely, I like going out of Mumbai to relax.

Q: How do you deal with Monday blues!
My Monday is usual, like any other day………..

Q: Any Message for the younger generation…
A: Be a good listener, be patient and try to understand the situation before responding.

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