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My Planet, My Home!

June 6, 2011

Going green has probably been one of the most celebrated slogans of this era. As we all celebrated the World Environment Day 2011, there was a collective conscience at work. India was declared as the official global host for WED 2011, with the theme being “Forests: Nature at your service”.

Although saving forests might sound like a huge deal, but a little known fact is that simple changes in our lifestyle can bring about a big difference. Forests are a very important part of our environment and are often referred to as “Lungs of the Earth”, as they play a major role in providing clean air for us.

Every year, about 36 million acres of natural forest are lost due to deforestation and multiple other reasons. These forests are home to a lot of animal life, which are an integral part of our food chain, and eco system.

We, as responsible citizens of a progressive democracy like India, have a significant contribution to make, by simply being aware, and spreading awareness. We need to be conscious in terms of buying products which are eco friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment and come from legitimate sources.

Most importantly, we should remember that conserving forests and the environment is not a one off action and needs an ongoing commitment from each one of us. It is our responsibility towards our planet.

RNA Corp pledges to do it’s bit by being an eco-friendly organization and encouraging all of you to take up this pledge. Our planet is our home. Help in conserving it.

Support the initiative by sporting a “My Planet My Home” pic badge and by sharing it with your friends. Click here to show your support!

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