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March 7, 2013

Ravi Sinha draws our attention to how virtual property fairs are not just the most convenient and time-saving option for the home buyer strapped for time but also a platform for brand development, for the developer

Manoj John, VP, corporate planning and strategy, RNA Corp, believes that virtual property exhibitions are a great help for consumers in their decision making, since it offers a platform for immediate comparison between options that would otherwise involve lot of time and effort to evaluate. He believes that while it does not have a direct bearing on the market sentiment, it does consolidate the direction and trends of the industry in terms of new launches, formats or design trends. “Discounts offered at such exhibitions provide the incentive or push for decision making and introduce an element of urgency, since the discounts are offered for a limited period. If the exhibition timing has coincided with the launch of a new property, then there is a possibility of bulk booking. If the discount offered is substantial, it could result in bookings to cash in on the offer,” explains John.

Time sProperty 6 Mar 2013, Manoj John,

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